For the past 20 years, SETS has been a Dell exclusive agent in Lebanon, together working on delivering Technology Solutions that enable people and businesses to grow and thrive. With technology dynamically reinventing itself, Dell is applying a revolutionary approach to re-energizing its company, brand identity, products and services, by entering into strategic coalitions and creating in-house innovations. In fact, over the past 25-plus years, Dell has played a central role in transforming computing worldwide. To keep pace of this fast changing technological climate, SETS is applying the same revolutionary approach to re-inventing our company and people, and reinforcing our own brand, products and services for the sole benefit of our customers. This forward thinking on our part  is propelling Dell to deepen its professional engagement with SETS as we enter a new, exciting chapter in the company’s history.

As Dell embarks on reconfiguring its processes to set new standards for customer experience, technology solutions and operational excellence, we continue to be driven by a shared purpose:

“Delivering Technology Solutions
that enable people everywhere
to grow and thrive.”

Dell is deepening its commitment to delivering the services, solutions and products that clients need to achieve their business objectives and meet their desired lifestyles. By listening to its customers, Dell continues to identify areas that expand our own company offerings, often acquiring specialized companies that enjoy steeped know-how in those fields.

Dell aims to better serve the customers of the companies it acquires by preserving the values and culture that went into making these enterprises successful. Dell continues to leverage its strengths to grow the business & expand its top notch services to a global clientele.



Boomi is the industry’s first & leading integration cloud. This award winning solution is an easy to use visual tool and consulting services. It enables connections between apps, platforms, collaboration and data – irrespective of location. It also allows any-to-any data transformation and accesses hundreds of apps and data sources.


AppAssure is a backup and recovery software that can provide business continuity and productivity, and ensure that data and applications are rapidly recovered and accessible. It goes beyond protecting data to protecting entire application stacks, enabling customers, channel partners, service providers and enterprises to adopt an onsite or a cloud model for fast, reliable and secure data protection.


StatSoft is a Software-as-a-service or on-premise software that enables full control from within a customer’s data center, or via a hosted service. It Enhances Dell’s information management solutions by delivering a wide range of data mining, predictive analytics, and data visualization capabilities.

Quest Software

Quest Software expands Dell’s solution capabilities in system management, security, data protection and workspace management. It also solves complex IT challenges like database management, data protection, identity and access management. Moreover the software can help with monitoring, workspace management and windows management.


Clerity is a leading global provider of application modernization and legacy system re-hosting solutions and software. It helps customers reduce the cost of transitioning business-critical applications and data from legacy computing systems and onto more modern architectures, including the cloud.


Scalent is a key part of Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) by being a flexible, easy-to-use management tool for today’s dynamic and mixed data center environments. The software is an intelligent, automated workload management system that virtualizes the server, storage and network fabrics. Scalent dynamically copes with workloads, networks and storage without physical intervention and saves time by deploying server abilities and changes in minutes.


Force10 is a high-performance Ethernet switching and routing solution designed for virtualizing and automating conventional data center and cloud networks. It transforms the network to be streamlined, efficient, responsive and policy-driven. It also allows customers to transform network infrastructures into an open, reliable and scalable data center and cloud computing fabric.


Enstratius is a Software-as-a-service or on-premise software that enables full control from within a customer’s data center, or via a hosted service. It helps manage apps across private, public and hybrid clouds, including automated app provisioning and scaling, app configuration management, usage governance and cloud utilization monitoring.


Make is a leading global provider of application modernization software and services that reduce the cost, risk and time required to reengineer apps. It provides tools to automatically re-architect legacy application software and data to a more modern architecture, increasing business agility through both migration and interoperability efforts.


Compellent is the most advanced automated tiered storage solution in the industry that help simplifies management – a single console for storage. Its multi-protocol (iSCSI, Fibre Channel and FCoE) provides choice for FC customers. It has the best-in-class tiering across disk types, RAID levels and disks.


SecureWorks manages security services, risk consulting, threat intelligence and security research. It also automates malware detection and analysis – with real-time protection by 24/7 security experts monitoring and responding as needed, as well as security consulting and intelligence to identify gaps or respond to incidents.

Gale Technologies

Gale Technologies is complementary to Dell’s enterprise approach by providing cost-effective management and orchestration tools that are easy to deploy and customize in both homogeneous and heterogeneous IT environments. It allows organizations to streamline the deployment of on-premise and hybrid clouds for self-service access to infrastructure.


Wyse is the #1 thin client solution, with more than 20 million units shipped worldwide and 200 million+ people interacting with its products each day. It helps organizations streamline IT management, improve productivity and security, and increase cost efficiency for discrete workloads or usage scenarios with client products, software and services.


SonicWall is a leader in advanced network security, secure remote access and data protection. It provides next-generation firewalls and unified threat management (UTM) firewalls. It also provides secure remote access, e-mail security, backup and recovery, as well as reporting to organizations of all sizes.


EqualLogic is the #1 storage in virtual server environments. It has modular storage solutions built for virtualization and consolidation. It delivers more capacity, better performance, greater protection and increased flexibility for: Business apps (including: Exchange, SQL, SharePoint & Oracle), Multi-SAN deployment options and Migrating off proprietary solutions.


Kace is a comprehensive and affordable systems management and deployment appliance that automates migrations and deployments. It allows device discovery, inventory & asset and configuration management as well as system deployment, imaging, and Windows 7 migration. It also enables end-point security, patch management and service management through integrated service desk, user portal and alerting.

Perot Systems

Perot Systems is a global IT consultancy that specializes in application integration, business process services, IT and business consulting, infrastructure consulting (including Cloud) and Support services. It extends Dell Services into hosting, consulting, applications and business-process outsourcing. It also helps customers determine the best strategy for rolling out virtualized environments and utilize cloud computing with proven methodology IT planning/implementations.

RNA Networks

RNA Networks provides a shared global memory and memory virtualization acceleration. It also brings very specialized software engineering expertise to Dell’s portfolio by providing the ability to open multiple applications on the same platform, handle large applications and scale to hundreds of practically anybody’s nodes and terabytes of memory.