Established in 1990 with headquarters in Lebanon, SETS is a leading information technology company in the Middle East providing customers with a wide range of technology solutions delivered by top experts in the field.

With over 30 years of experience in the HRMS industry, SETS major offerings include its flagship product “People365” − a comprehensive Human Resources Management System (HRMS) consisting of the Time Attendance, Payroll and HR modules. Having more than 1,000 references coming from leading companies in all types of industries, SETS has accumulated through the years an in-depth expertise in HRMS offerings, and is now recognized as a leading HRMS provider and consultant over the Middle East.

SETS has partnered with leading international brands and vendors in the IT industry to offer high-quality and innovative solutions and services. Some of the partnerships include: Huawei, HPE, Commvault, Nutanix, Splunk, Veeam, Quest, One Identity, Fortinet, Microsoft, Cisco, Vmware, Pivot3, Redhat, Barracuda, G4S, Symantec, APC, IDEMIA, Honeywell, TBS, Citrix, and others.

SETS operates both regionally and globally, covering Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Iraq. Its portfolio of high end products, services and solutions has empowered industries in various public and private sectors, including finance, manufacturing, contracting and real estate, hospitality, information technology, insurance, media & design, NGOs, trading investment, and others.


To provide creative turnkey IT solutions and top of the line services to any business using leading global brands, retaining niche talent, maximizing customer value, being socially and ecologically responsible and striving for quality management excellence.


To become the leading innovator and supplier of IT solutions and services, on the strength of sustained customer loyalty, strong employee retention and solid financial growth.


In 1999, SETS established operations in the UAE making its first foray into the Gulf with key products such as Time Attendance and Biometric machines. Since inception, SETS has been keen on building strategic partnerships aimed at catering mid- and large size enterprises. In 2003, having diversified its product offerings and association agreements, SETS expanded its regional presence to include most of the Gulf region. SETS is now covering Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Egypt and Algeria.


SETS is constantly striving to improve its employees’ technical and managerial knowledge and skills to ensure its training programs will meet the needs of the marketplace.

Accordingly, SETS trainings and development programs are presented by an experienced team of professionals from the region, allowing the exchange of ideas and leveraging of expertise among SETS employees. Moreover, SETS encourages all of its employees to continuously develop their skills and maintain a leader’s spirit and attitude in the marketplace.


We believe our customers are lifelong partners, to whom we’re committed to offering only the best of breed IT products and solutions. Our staunch dedication to this belief drives us to pursue a path of progress towards customer service perfection. With this objective in mind, our priority has been to build an extensive skills-set that leverages authoritative expertise in the form of professional certifications, thereby maintaining our reputation as a leading services provider.

In a fast changing industry, keeping up to date with sector developments has enabled SETS Certified Engineers to provide vital services to our customers, through their high expertise and advanced certifications.