“People 365” by SETS participated in the “Microsoft Communications and Media Global Outlook 2014 – 2017” Guide


People 365, the leading HRM application based on Microsoft.Net technology, has been selected to be part of the Microsoft Communications and Media Global Outlook 2014 – 2017 guide. 

This guide from Microsoft provides insight into the Microsoft and partner technologies that are being developed for communications and media companies to drive positive change and address new trends. Topics around mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things are covered in the technology roadmap and regional perspective sections of the guide.

The published advertisement and article highlights the benefits of having an HRMS application hosted on the cloud and how the mobile application from People 365 can enable managers to work while on the move.

You can check an online version of the guide here: http://digital.onwindows.com/communcations-and-media/global-outlook/